My mother’s people

I have brought this subject up before, but my revulsion is such that I must speak of it again.

Often now in the news are reports of atrocities committed in China upon animals. The latest one, which I will not cite here because it will make you ill as it did me, though you surely are aware of what has been happening owing to CNN, sent me into a trough of despair. The Chinese, you know, do not even have a word for animals. While they have words for dog and cat and so on, the general term refers to them as “moving things.” This removes them from any humane consideration as living beings.

The commies have moved so far from Confucian thought that they have become mindless beasts far inferior to the actual beasts they prey upon. Confucianism was, anyway, a luxury for the wealthy and educated, who have become the monsters I excoriate. The peasant never had the opportunity to know Confucius.

And more: In their ambition to manufacture, export, compete with the foreign devils of old, my mother’s people have destroyed 10% of their arable land with poisons, much of their air and waters, and set themselves on a path of doom. Although everyone else on this plant will suffer in consequence, China has maneuvered their “progress” so that it will come around and bite them in the ass first. Image


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