I’m baaaack

My writing has no particular “brand,” instead wandering everywhere, much like my life. If you will have a look at http://www.authorsden.com/lucillebellucci, all will be clear. So, this:

I thought my left eye saw something whiz past my kitchen window, then again back the other way.
<br>The hummers are back from their winter sojourn down south! Hurriedly I began filling their bottle which I had taken down late October to clean and store. Back then they almost ran me off my feet getting ready to migrate south. There were as many a dozen of the little things hovering and feeding and jostling each other. A four-pound sack of sugar lasted three days and I took to loading up with three or four each shopping time.
<br>I am pleased and flattered this harbinger of spring knew how to tell me to fill up their bottle. Refills during springtime and summer will be necessary only every four or five days until the late fall when they fall on the bottle en masse. They must come from other counties, seemed like.
<br>It worries me, though, to think of how climate change will affect them. Other critters, too. Will the coming summer fry eggs on sidewalks? California is enduring a severe drought, and hard cold is punishing the east coast and all across the country. When I see a Cadillac Escalade on the road I want to…..well, spit. Those days are over, folks, or do you think you have an exemption pass?


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