The Moue of Rue

We see this again and again in the media, prominent people caught in the headlights wishing they could turn their backs to the cameras but settling for that grimace made famous for peccadillos gone public. Webster’s describes “peccadillos” as a slight trespass or offense; a petty fault; a minor sin. They may be minor, all right, compared to a shooting or robbery or some such, but they do alter the course of careers.

ImageRecently a woman was actually caught performing that look. Soon to become a former city council member owing to her being exposed, she joined that dubious pantheon of males. I was fascinated. Who, in the beginning of civilization, originated that lip grip? How did it come to express chagrin as did the pout, smile, sneer? Can anyone think of more such facial expressions? I know there are more but I am tapped out this morning and a dental appointment awaits. Dental — there’s another mouth stretch for you.


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