Government, Italian style

I apologize, Ladies and Gennelmen, for somehow repeating a blog previously posted here. This, then, is the correct one:

They were doing it back and before I lived there, coalition after coalition, the left, right, Christian Democrats, and so on. Mussolini was the last clearly unifying leader of the country, bent as he was. Government after government has folded in mid-term since.

<br>What is glaringly bent now is the continued prominence of Berlusconi, who had been convicted several times for paying minors for sex and for corruption in government. Now he is leading the force against the current government, which by the way may be pre-empted by the mayor of Florence, one Matteo Renzi, a fairly young man and possibly a good prospect for unification. If he gets on, he might do something about the Mafia, which seem to be running things in the open.

I know y’all couldn’t care less about Italian politics, so I will try to make up with this one squib: Being the city hosting the Vatican, Rome had stringent laws governing public behavior between the sexes. The newspaper Il Messaggero used to trumpet the names of couples caught in the act of — kissing in the Borghese gardens. I wonder if that law is still alive? Think of the irony of this law dictating moral behavior. Think (and I know you can’t help it) of the priests who are/were not merely kissing. What a world.


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