Refugees recycle all the time

It’s easy. All you do is use the bins issued by your garbage collector company, following the word pictures displayed on the lids. Separate your stuff and just do it.

I am not touting my virtue in recycling my bath water since 1987, which now is in style because of California’s drought conditions. I am saying that fear of change for the worse, fear of bad times ahead, fear of shortages and global warming and loss of our resources as we have enjoyed them, is a very very powerful incentive to save water and recycle trash. I think garbage disposals must be the worst offenders in egregious water consumption. It’s a luxury which must rank up there with throwing away food.

I was dismayed to read that only 17% of Alameda County’s residents recycle; imagine the habits of many other states which aren’t as conscious of nature being in peril. A friend living in Florida has no means even of recycling trash. She was bemused to see what I do here at home and went back to her state distressed at the state of things there.

California has a billionaire, Tom Steyr, who has committed $50 million of his own funds toward convincing those government naysayers about climate change. This state is fortunate to have others who pitch in as well with money and personal effort.

A couple months ago I collected 55 gallons of rain runoff from the roof and have been watering plants with it. But then had to spend a large sum of money to sweep the roof of pine needles and then, repair the gutters. Those 55 gallons were expensive!Image


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