Contraception vs. The Supreme Court

The clishmaclash running on in the news is reaching absurdity. The facts are obscured so that people are led to believe no contraceptive devices of any sort are allowed women under their health plans paid for by their employers. That is not true. There is a choice. And the fact that they have employers signifies they have an income and perhaps can afford to purchase their own contraceptives. 

The several Catholic clerics throwing their weight into this controversy, presumably protecting their flocks, prove their detachment from the real world. Or maybe they know very well how things stand but believe they can eliminate sexual intercourse by prohibiting the disbursement of contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act.

It certainly does not hurt to limit population growth, although that statistic in the United States has been declining as more people (those in control of themselves) delay having children. Worldwide, we are now over the 7 billion range and our worn-out, abused Earth is gasping for air. I hear Pope Francis tweets. If for no other reason, perhaps I should tweet him. But do you think that would make a dent in his dogged, dogmatic beliefs? As open to reform as this new pope proves himself to be, he still fails to see reality.


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