The rising oceans

Anyone who has been to Venice in recent decades must be wondering how that city is going to cope with three feet more of water in times to come. As it was, in 2001, my friends and I found ourselves walking on high wooden walkways, which had to be put in place along the shopping streets in the afternoon. I was curious if the shops were also flooded but could not ascertain whether that was so. It must be so much worse now, and I think of the impact on businesses and livelihoods.

The huge cathedral on Piazza San Marco has a subterranean chapel and sepulchers. I wonder about That. The piazza itself was pretty soggy as we sought to sit at a cafe outside for refreshments.

And then there is Hawaii, and other islands and waterfront properties. I read that Larry Ellison, the Oracle CEO, purchased for an immense sum a long strip of beachfront in Southern California. I thought, since he has been so clever at running Oracle, that he was an intelligent man??

I also read that the Republicans in Congress have once again scoffed at scientific reports of climate change as panic mongerings. Granted those most vehement in this stance represent states with the all the coal-fueled plants and heaven forbid they should go against their constituents in that matter. So, where do we go from here, ladies and gentlemen?


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