A Rare Passion

A Rare Passion, an e-book, is now up on smashwords.com, with a cover I absolutely admire. I can gaze at those horses forever.

“Rare” has Linden Bradley back in her beloved Brazil, where she spent her childhood. Her mission to save thousands of wildlife displaced by a hydro dam going on stream, owes its action to the real flooding of the Itaipu hydroelectric dam. Renato’s own mission in Brazil was to help build it, and I was there with him as he traveled between various field offices and worked long hours and many weekends.

It was up to me to find something to do myself, so I went to work in the headmaster’s office at the American School of Rio de Janeiro. Then I joined the Little Theater, producing a play and singing in recitals. Along with these activities I sold jewelry at home that Renato’s brother brought from Italy. I did, indeed, find things to do.

“A Rare Passion” was fun to write. There are all the outdoors, wildlife, lavish Carnaval spectacles and — oh yes — romance.


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