The video interview

Well, the video interview is up everywhere, even places I didn’t know existed. The Snake Woman of Ipanema is good and outed now. While living in Rio I fretted over my inability to research, not just for Snake Woman, but other stories I had in mind. The only English-language resource available was the IBEU (Istituto Brasil-Estados Unidos) and the offerings there were quite useless for my purposes. If it hadn’t been for a private library operated by Faith Motley, a British lady, I would have had nothing at all to read.

In the interview, which was edited to 16 minutes from a 40-minute session, I commented rather explicitly about the company people who came down from Idaho. Renato tore his hair at the blind aspect of their personalities in the setting that was so foreign to them. And in turn, their Brazilian and Paraguayan counterparts regarded Them as aliens who persisted in blundering about with a sort of righteousness and superiority. One department head who had had something to do with Hoover Dam showed a film of it at every opportunity, at meetings, at inter-government conferences, and would have played it at cocktail parties had Renato not dissuaded him from doing it. As a result, he became known as “Micky Mouse” in those circles. Another man took extended naps in his office. One man’s wife, on arriving in the country, called it “Argentina.” 

I suppose the interviewer was right in editing out those comments, but I am, here, making an end-run around that.

Here is the link to the interview:



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