I watch it every time it is out. It’s other title is Gato In Botas, a remarkable rendering of a tabby cat in boots, belt ands swashbuckling hat. Dreamquest Animation’s production of Puss In Boots should be shown to convalescent patients everywhere, for the film certainly elicits smiles and helpless laughter and cannot do anything but improve the mental and thus, physical state.

The Puss is so danged cute! while swaggering about speaking in Antonio Banderas’ voice. And I confess it — his dancing the fandango with Pussy Softpaws is worth viewing for itself alone.

I recommend it to anyone in the doldrums. Guaranteed to uplift.

And this:
My cat Loaner makes me laugh many times a day. When she goes out through the cat door she will not come in via the same, but waits out there for me to open the door and make a fuss over her, both of us uttering trills as she enters. This has been going on for a long time. But now even when the door is open she will not come through it. I have to be there to usher her in. She is capable of waiting for hours, this estimable pussycat, my Loaner von Boobie!


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