Whale meat

The Rakuten Group of Japan merrily continues selling whale meat. The supply is unaffected by the International Court ban on whaling in Antartica, since the ruling addresses only the southern ocean and says nothing about whale meat sales in Japan.

So the slaughter goes on of whales and dolphins whose meat, I repeat, contains 16 times more mercury above the safe level. Japan has had issues with mercury before; I remember those awful photos of disabled children in their mothers’ arms, blasted by consumption of mercury-tainted fish. Will they ever learn? Like China, Japan is fueled by commerce to the detriment of human health. They are racing toward population disaster at the expense of whales and dolphins. Last report states the Japanese government is reinstating whale hunting. At least the United States posts the occasional warning about the dangers of eating too much pelagic seafood and the president is TRYing to ban coal-fired manufacture. China is pulling back, though too late. Everyone I know who has been to China returns with pneumonia. I am aware of mixing whales with carbon pollution in this essay but doubt the infraction is serious.

And this:

“Japan is awash in the ivory trade.” — see news.softpedia.com


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