A couple of decades ago I sent in a clipping from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday Magazine along with a sample of my handwriting. The result came back in four pages of upper-case print and set me to thinking about each attribution addressed by the analysis. I don’t know what I was expecting, perhaps a clearcut blueprint for carrying out my goals in writing. It told me a things about my character and personality. Interesting, I thought, not sure if all were accurate. Of course I agreed with the flattering parts.

In recent years graphology has fallen from grace in the media, which questioned its authenticity as a science.  I once read somewhere that graphologists were employed at banks. I wonder if that is still true.

But I have this question about graphology. Can it do anything about the kind of writing that now and again is appearing on our landscape? I am seeing print instead of cursive script. These adult writers appear to have attended decent public schools, which brings up questions about standards and oversight. But a neighbor’s child recently wrote me a note in cursive. It was endearingly sprawl-y and misspelled, yet it was still cursive. Good to see.


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