The Hong Kong affair

The protests going on in Hong Kong will not influence the authorities on the Mainland, who are only permitting these dissensions because they need Hong Kong as their trading hub. When the British sailed off in 1997 they left behind a bustling, readymade, business structure for the communist government. Not that the Mainland has been a slouch at doing business since, but Hong Kong is unique in that they have been at it longer, and have special international ties the Mainland has yet to develop.

Free elections for Hong Kong? Not on your life! The leash may be loosened a wee bit, with subtle restrictions imposed in other areas of liberties. People might disappear, in the slick way the commies are good at. Perhaps their organs might be harvested and sold so no part of them will be wasted. They didn’t do that to me because I had Italian citizenship, but I Was told to sign a confession to espionage or else be shot. Empty threat, just because of the Italian papers. I was unaware of that, though, when I refused to sign.

Young people are prone to taking extreme stands of principle, and I was one such. I am far away now, and watching their government trying to suppress rebellions springing up in their interior. And how they are juggling extreme capitalism with the communist creed by hiding money in American real estate.

Wonder when the entire system will collapse?


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