Cat elevator

In Shanghai we put up our mosquito nets at the start of summer, and also tried, fruitlessly, to keep our cat from our bedrooms at night. But Shmooky was too clever; he could never be found when it came time to move him into a room with doors. And so we lay in bed wondering which one of us was going to—

There he was! Happy sappy cat running up and down and up my net, tearing holes everywhere until finally ending stranded on top. One got a chair and tried to grab Shmooky, who while wailing that he needed rescue would still dodge attempts to achieve same. Taken down at last, he was content to go to sleep in my bed, while I slapped at mosquitos that swarmed through the holes. In time, there were more patches than net and what we had was almost solid curtain and very little net.

How is Mojo doing? The little guy is up to two lbs and can now climb up my bedskirts. Between Loaner at my left hip and Mojo asleep under my chin, I am effectively immobilized long past my rising hour. And I am afraid Loaner is putting on weight because I cannot keep her from pirating Mojo’s high-fat kitty kibble. He goes back to the vet Tuesday for a further check for worms. I think he can still travel in my tote bag instead of the carrier–I hope.

Beguiling fish name: oblique-banded sweetlips, Komodo Reef, Indonesia.


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