Animals, Animals, Animals

Pinky and the Gang rule! I have received word that “Meow’s Way” has won in the cat category at the AAA Book Festival in Chicago and I am invited to attend the awards there. It pleases me that the little snurglefoofer continues to charm from her vantage in the Elysian Fields whence she traveled in 2011. And still I cannot do enough justice to her personality and very special Cat-ness that gave me so much joy for too brief a time. I have been giving away “Meow’s Way” at,, and other online venues ever since I wrote those words about her and siblings, a mole, a skunk, a family of raccoons and two fawns, and the enthusiasm of readers do not falter.

Now Mojo, the boy kitten who joined Loaner, the resident tabby, on October 3rd, has turned this home on its ear. His toys (including half a fortune cookie) litter the floor and I am often reduced to working at the keyboard with one hand as he naps on my arm. He was five weeks oid when I adopted him, very dirty and hungry after a neighbor rescued him and two siblings from under a pallet. Their mother was nowhere though Eugene searched for an hour. He then brought them home, bathed them and plucked fleas for two hours. Eugene also saved my bacon by telling me, gently, that adopting all three would be too much for me and that he and his wife would keep two. He was So right. The one kitten is proving quite a handful, and Loaner almost resigned a number of times.

But she has begun mothering him now, and yesterday he shared my pasta dinner. I think he is weaned……


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