The feline leukemia vaccination

Mojo had his feline leukemia vaccinations yesterday. The receptionist told me he might be a bit sleepy the next day, a remarkably evasive comment as I was to discover. This morning he was nowhere in sight, and Loaner had to perform the job of waking me up for breakfast. He was not to be seen for some minutes, until I spotted him doing the High Noon Walk that cats do when on their guard. I went to greet him and he answered with moans inside his throat. I picked him up and he objected strenuously, moaning some more.

He wouldn’t eat, and went to hide behind the basement door. Very worried by now, I decided to call the vet as soon as it was 8 a.m. Then I noticed that he moaned whenever I touched his lower abdomen and legs. I guessed, then, that the shots had him reacting. I went to the Internet to research the vaccine and to my horror read, beside the side effects he was experiencing, that sometimes a sarcoma might form at the site of the shot and to watch for lumps and that the shot was given on the leg so that it might be amputated if a sarcoma formed. That is what happened with my Pinky after her rabies shot. The sarcoma recurred again and again until it killed her. The vet told me that this happened once in 20,000 vaccinations.

And Mojo has to have booster shots in two weeks.


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