Confucius Wept

Like many people who received a first online petition and responded by signing, I find myself now signing 10 or 20 per day and glad to do it, because the organizations report on which ones succeed. The outstanding issues of wolves being delisted continue, a situation exacerbated by hunting contests in Idaho of wolves and foxes. I can barely imagine that such a culture still exists in this country, but there it is. We are no longer living in the rough wildernesses of the 17th century. Haven’t they noticed this in Idaho? The comments I add to the petitions run something like this one:

“I am an immigrant from Italy, where every single wild creature has been obliterated.”

Italians get excited at seeing a squirrel when visiting here.

To make it simple, I omit mentioning my origins in China unless I am signing a petition to China’s ambassador to the United States on behalf of elephants, whose bloody teeth are bought as bangles and bracelets by wealthy Chinese. A strong comment I made on one of those petitions had to be deleted by the organization, so I modulated my tone on the next which was nevertheless cogent. I added a title to that one: Confucius Wept.

I read that animal advocacy is on the rise in China, a movement so powerless, so ineffectual in that enormous geographical sphere that I can’t foresee any measurable results for decades. Then I read a petition charging an Asian country with boiling dogs alive for their meat and almost wept with hopelessness.


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