About The Promise

….my article of the same title on http://www.authorsden.com/lucillebellucci: although Renato shrugged, because he could not speak while intubated, to indicate he could not know if he would be able to visit me as I asked. He left me in 1998, and did reach me in September of that year, as I recount in “The Promise”.

I saw him many times beginning in 2007 and each time he strove to give me messages using gestures. He announced his presence with his special whistle. Those visits gradually lessened until they stopped altogether, and he no longer whistles. I have not seen him in several years, seemingly because his connection with earth is becoming attenuated. Having no other, that is my theory. But he is with me in other ways. The dimmer light switch continues to be his conduit, the lights over the dining table continue to change places. Some time ago I unscrewed two of the five bulbs because all five were too bright. Apparently the slight contact remaining is sufficient for him to light the two bulbs.

And the garage door — As I press the button to close it, he will stop it partway several times. The pattern changes each time. I know he is saying Drive carefully, say hello, I love you.

On two occasions in the evening, Mojo my five-month-old kitten stopped in his play and stared into space, then went to hide under the table. He has yet to learn Renato is his friend, but he will come around. Mojo’s big sister Loaner is already on familiar terms with Renato and remains serene.

The comfort of knowing he is near and waits for me is immense.


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