Rescuing wildlife — someone listens

Good news that I wish was disseminated more widely, because it would give us heart: The Obama administration has launched a tough plan for stopping traffickers in wildlife. U.S. intelligence agencies will track and target those who buy and sell skins and horns and tusks, a $20 billion a year industry that is bringing wild animals to the edge of extinction.

The President has called this market an “international crisis.” His plan will increase pressure on Asian countries to stop trade in these grisly items. I hope to see results before it is too late for some species.

I sign dozens of petitions a week, one purveyor being Care2Petitions, and I have noticed that some of them have brought action on the part of the Legislature. I only do not understand why Fish and Wildlife is so slow or so recalcitrant in taking the right actions.

I know I know, wolves are traditional enemies of cattle and sheep ranchers, and people who handle guns think nothing of slaughtering wolves and coyotes. A petition I signed recently stopped a “hunting contest” of wolves in the northwestern states. On another petition I added a note that I came from Italy, which has not a single wild animal left. Italians visiting here at my home get excited at seeing a squirrel.

And the Chinese, my mother’s people, with their ancient and useless beliefs in medicines derived from animals, bear bile being one. They keep bears in cages and milk them for bile. Are any Chinese reading this? Does Anything penetrate that country’s great wall of censorship? Are they all choking on their poisoned air and can’t think to see the trail to their downfall?


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