“Mojo’s Way” Redux

The piece about Mojo ran 2300 words, an unwieldy length for most cat magazines, which prefer 800 words or less. I proposed that they publish in increments and was not surprised that the offer was turned down. One magazine wanted to buy all rights, for $50. I mean, what era are they living in?

I went overseas to the UK and then to Australia, where I found a most friendly cat magazine, Ozzicat. They publish both online and in paper, and length did not matter. I am glad for the little guy, because that pussycat deserves wide exposure.

On a sunny day yesterday Loaner and Mojo and I lay on the grass again and I took a few pictures. Come to think of it, I should post at least one on this site. Look for it. I found a chip of wood of the right size and heft and said to Mojo “Zummm!” and he became alert. From our fetch games inside the house this signals the start of our fetch-and-catch game. So we were off, throwing and chasing, only it didn’t occur to him to carry it back in his mouth to me. It was not his purple yarn ball and didn’t taste right. But at 2:00 a.m. he jumped up on my bed and chirruped. That was my cue, and I groped and found — the wood chip. I had stashed it behind a flowerpot on the deck and didn’t think he cared.

For her part Loaner watched benignly, automatically giving off a Pssst! whenever he cannoned into her. All is well with the troops.


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