The Humane Scorecard

The Humane Society sends me an eye-opening magazine called The Humane Scorecard. In it every single member of Congress is reported on his or her voting record on animal rights.The spreadsheet is impressive, headlining Horse Boring, Primates as Pets, Horse Slaughter, Hen Housing, Animal Fighting, to Agricultural Subsidies and the Farm Bill I and II.

It goes on to cover the Sportsmen’s Act and Endangered Species, and there, the non-surprise is the “Nay” vote from, as far as I can see, a Republican majority. Senator Tom Cruz’s (Texas) vote is missing from all except The Farm Bill (Nay) and the Sportsman’s Act (Aye).

Rep. Tom Cotton (Arkansas) of the Letter to Iran fame, does not vote until the Ag Subsidies (Nay) and all the rest. His single “Aye” goes to Farm Bill I.

There is news that various governments are banning the trade in ivory and that the United States is allocating a large fund to stop poaching. Apparently, the impetus is concern that the illegal trade is funding the terrorists. If that is what it takes to stop the killings and not that elephants would become extinct, it is still action, finally.

By the way, there was an item in the San Francisco Chronicle today excerpted from the National Post, Toronto, that I quote:

“A front-page photo shows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his family waving to supporters after he announced that he would run for president in 2016. For Canadians, Cruz’s chief point of interest is the fact he was born in Calgary, and had joint U.S.-Canadian citizenship until he renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014. Now, there’s no question that he is a red-blooded, God-fearing, family-oriented, dyed-in-the-wool Texas conservative. But he has as much chance of becoming president as most other people born in Canada, which is to say pretty much zero.”


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