HP printer megrims

My old, beloved HP printer from 2003 having coughed its last on Saturday and no online help leading to a repair, I went to Office Depot to see about a replacement. I wanted no bells and whistles and especially no 7-pack ink cartridges which the new models require. If I wanted to scan or copy, occurrences that fall to me about once a year, I would go to the photo shop.

Wayne, the nice tech salesman, took me through the steps of the HP ENVY 4502 all-in-one wireless number. The scan/copy/photo features were unavoidable, but! it needed only a black and a color ink cartridge.

I spent all of yesterday installing without success, went to an online chat who helped set it up, but only in USB. I didn’t want to know any more than that. I wasn’t going to use the unit in another room; it was going to stay side-by-side with my iMac as the old one did, and I thought I was off to the races.

But the damn paper jammed and there was no way I could see to extract it. The spaghetti tongs from the kitchen couldn’t begin to reach the edge of the jammed paper. The back could not be opened. I called HP support. The lady who purported to help me talked and talked and talked, repeating everything I said and getting it wrong. So I took my ENVY 4502 back to Office Depot where I located Wayne, who found something wasn’t aligned right inside, duly aligned it and presto, printed a page.

My trust in ENVY had gone, though, and I had brought my old printer along to take to a repair shop. Wayne got me a list of suitable repair shops, found the address on his GPS, and pointed me in a northerly direction.

The shop was more like a warehouse, stacked to the ceiling with printers of all vintages to the ceiling. The man played around with the printer, changed ink cartridges in case those were the problem, and finally told me to leave it for him to tinker some more.

That’s where matters stand. As for ENVY, I gingerly went to print something, and it did, without a whimper. But we’ll see tomorrow and tomorrow….


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