HP printer follow up and the Pope

To assure all HP users or would-be purchasers, I hasten to report that my ENVY 4502 all-in-one is working faultlessly.

As for Pope Francis, I was bemused to read in the newspaper recently that he has sent out warnings on climate change, saying flat out that global warming is upon us and the world’s populace should take heed. This announcement is particularly interesting, coming upon, so to speak, the heels of Pope Urban VIIl’s condemning Galileo in 1634 to life imprisonment for the heresy of his belief in heliocentrism. The sun does not revolve around earth, he asserted; it is the other way around. The Roman Inquisition begged to differ.

Times have certainly changed. Pope Francis further speaks out on marriage equality, and the right of women to equal pay and recognition. What next? Is he ever going to countenance contraception beyond the “rhythm” method? not that many Catholics are concerned about that doctrine anyway.


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