Heat wave, pussycats and carnage

It wasn’t that it was so hot in Oakland yesterday but it was hot enough to disable me for much more than some absolutely necessary business at my computer. Only 80, compared to 111 north of here but wimps like me can’t handle 80 degrees very well anymore. Those 1000 Pakistani dying of their heat wave, and they are used to extreme heat, illustrates this poor Earth’s plight in high relief to all reasonable people (except the Republican climate change deniers. They must be scrambling for their footing in the face of world leaders signing pledges at summits).

Ten-month-old Mojo has been blooded; I was awakened at 2 a.m. by the sound of objects being knocked over and galloping up and down the house until, finally silence. Later I found a bird, a sweet dove, lying dead on the feather-strewn carpeting of my workplace. There are more feathers in other parts of the house. Mojo did only what all felines do; even birds hunt other birds, but still I mourn.

And this about Donald Trump: Can you visualize him conducting foreign diplomacy on behalf of our United States of America?


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