He’s a doctor. Really?

In the news this week is the doctor who was sentenced to 45 years for falsely telling patients they had cancer and then treating them to the tune of millions of dollars charged to their health insurers. His face on the television screen awash with tears, the doctor expressed remorse for ruining the lives of the men and women he mis-treated. Remorse is cheap, especially after the perpetrator is caught, as everyone knows, and does not cancel the wrongdoing.

But this: I had occasion to visit the home of a doctor in my neighborhood. His wife and I were working together on a voting campaign. There, all around the large living room with the sweeping view of lush oaks, were mounted heads of animals, antelope, bear, moose, wildcat, wolf and more. My mind reeled. I pondered this healer’s hunting imperatives. Was he killing helpless animals when he would rather kill his patients? And was he doing it from helicopters, as I hear some so-called hunters prefer?

I marveled that this man’s wife thought nothing of allowing people into her home to see evidence of this slaughter, which made me wonder about her own sensibilities. Did I want to be in her company? Well, no.

And then I read this news article about the actor Morgan Freeman planting his entire 140-acre (is this number correct?) ranch with milkweed and other plants bees and butterflies love.

That made me smile.


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