Trump the Statesman

…or Something

He has called Russia’s President Putin a gangster. Well now, most of us would agree, but even the greenest of us might not say so on a public podium. Perhaps the dimmest mind would realize that maintaining diplomatic relations, especially with a head of state as powerful and grudge-prone as Putin, is of paramount importance. Any day now Trump may retract that remark in his inimitable way by declaring “I LOVE Putin,” as he has done so numerous times about women whom he was accused of denigrating, as well as Latinos.

After first putting down then putting out journalist Jorge Ramos, some wiser head must have whispered to him that mending fences with Latinos was necessary. Therefore, he Trumpeted that he LOVED Mexicans, which he has done before after similarly calling them unpleasant names.

There was a telling moment as Ramos was being escorted outside the press room when a Trump aide told him to “Get out of my country.” Really? Revealing of the Trump backroom campaign staff mindset.

On welcoming Ramos back into the press room, Trump then addressed him in dulcet tones, but too late for the Latino vote —

— There have been news reports that the Latinos in San Francisco’s Mission District have been buying Donald Trump piñatas and the vendors cannot keep up with demand.


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