Ben Carson, the man second to Trump

He seems to be the level head in contrast to The Trump’s blowhard (“I’m going to do this, I’m going to fix that, You will see a change.” Really? It’s that easy, is it?) but in Ben Carson’s quiet deliveries he proposes to bring about some pretty radical changes in our system of taxes. Tithing sounds simple: A billionaire earning $10 billion pays one billion dollars, and so on down the income line, deductions to go out the window. When we come to earners in the $100,000 range, 10% begins to sound painful. And what of someone who earns $40,000 and can barely live on it? Coughing up $4,000 on that base would be very very hard if not impossible.

And this: Ben Carson scoffs at the notion of climate change. A scientist himself, he states there is no scientific evidence to support that. The world’s scientists are clanging the alarm bell and he says they have no basis for climate change? Are his fans even listening to Ben Carson as they howl and cheer his candidacy?

…..No, Mojo has not returned. In our days of high heat, 107 in some areas and no water, I fear he would not survive even if he lived. My little shortstop, who never missed a yarn ball on the fly, may be no more.


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