Bijou the Neck Cat

Bijou is slowly changing from a being sick kitten to a friskier one but is still not at his kitten best. The antibiotics are helping his gum condition, his sore leg is all better, and the conjunctivitis is improving. His path to cuddling involves climbing up to my shoulder, where he settles on the back of my neck under my hair.

The little guy insists on sitting close to the water dish and cries to get into the bathtub which holds water I recycle. Obviously he smells water and wants to be near. So he has emotional scarring as well; those scorching days he spent alone and lost, with no water to drink, before Jenni found him, have left their mark.

My adult cat Loaner is coming around, letting him snuggle for 30 seconds before getting up and moving away. I predict total acceptance will occur in two weeks. The photo of the two together will stand for all time….

Since Jenni cannot find his family in the vicinity of her home I conjecture he was dumped. I wonder if there is an especially hot place in hell for that sort of subhuman?


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