Good news about wildlife protection

As many Americans have, I received this message today from SaveAnimalsFacing

“Washington State initiative Measure 1401 resoundingly passed criminalizing the selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing certain animal species threatened with extinction, raising the bar beyond where laws already on the books in New York, New Jersey, and California have previously gone to to protect big game.”

For those of us who care, this is a still a minute step toward a total United States (never mind worldwide) ban of wildlife trafficking, yet it is heartening to hear encouraging news of this kind.

I understand there are big-game hunting clubs in this country and that the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion is a member. I remain curious as to how his dental practice is progressing under this distinction. That other hunter who killed a very large bull elephant is not an American citizen. There was also a woman–I am not sure if she is American–who posted her picture on Facebook grinning over the limp neck of a giraffe that she had shot. These types of people have to be very strange human beings, an anomaly in these so-called enlightened times. Remember when Ernest Hemingway posed proudly next to his kills? THAT man belongs rightly in the distant past.

Thanks to depredations of the biggest, strongest wild animals, we can look forward to puny specimens in the future, products of the diminished gene pool. That is, if there will be any left.


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