Bijou, a kitten to reckon with

He wouldn’t eat one entire day, not breakfast, not midday, not at 5 p.m., didn’t meow in between for chow and went on with his day’s business playing with his toys and romping outside. By 5:15 he had me on the ropes, and I called the vet hoping they hadn’t all gone home. But someone was still there, advised me to try again next morning, and not to worry about his having a stomach blockage until then.

Next morning I opened a can of Salmon Dinner paté, mixed it with kitten kibble as usual, and watched as the little stinker gobbled it up. I had not quite noticed during the past days that his interest in “Gourmet Beef” and “Mixed Grill” had been waning; on the day of his fast he had therefore served notice that beef bits were no longer on his menu, even if it was on mine.

So now he gets Salmon Dinner paté more often than any other flavor; as a favor to me he will eat Chicken Dinner paté. His big sister Loaner is fond of anything and has taken it upon herself to finish up whatever he leaves on his saucer. She also has begun licking his little face, a sign he is well at last, for he must have smelled odd to her while plastered with Lamisil for his ringworm. All of the little guy’s challenges: a bruised leg, ulcerated gums, conjunctivitis, ringworm, and a fever, have cleared up, and he has emerged with a full, shiny coat and impish nature. Because of his all-black coat, I kept him close on Halloween, but would have kept him close anyway.

And may the person who dumped him when he was barely a weanling be dumped in his/her turn.


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