Odd casting of a movie

I watched a Netflix rental film the other evening, with Bijou ensconced on the cushion behind my head (for some reason he is shy about using my lap) and went along with the story well enough. The Best of Me held no violence, no sweaty sex. Oh yes, there was some violence involving trashy men and bullying of the leading man, Dawson, who up and moves from his abusive father’s shack into an elderly neighbor’s garage.

The film does a lot of flashbacks of Dawson ready to graduate from high school and his sweetheart Amanda. The older Dawson 20 years later has brilliant blue eyes; the young one has brown ones. Their noses are markedly different; the shape of their faces differ, which a semi-beard on the older one doesn’t manage to mask.
Young Amanda has apple cheeks and a small chin; the older version has a well-proportioned face and chin. Their voices, at least, sounded about the same.

I did not dwell much in bewilderment but took the oddments as an added fillip to Nicholas Sparks’ novel. I understand the movie was a bust at the box office, but it was good enough entertainment for an evening at home with Bijou purring at my head.

By the way, Bijou’s favorite program is NatGeoWild. He was entranced by a giant sloth creeping across the screen.


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