It is raining hard in the San Francisco Bay Area, still such a rare welcome event before it becomes tiresome in the next two months. Finally, finally, the four-year drought is breaking. But there is already distress in the fire-ruined areas of California where mudslides are occurring this very minute. And we have no grasp of real natural disasters when the seas will inevitably rise, Paris climate accord or no, for we are too far along on our path of carbon-emission damage to prevent low-lying island nations from being drowned.

Not only island nations, but I am thinking of Venice. In 2001 its narrow streets in the afternoon tides were impassable if not for wooden platforms set up for pedestrians. Those streets are lined with shops. I do not see how the huge cathedral on San Marco square with its basement shrine will keep dry. I am so very distressed at the prospect of similar disasters throughout the world, and still the Republican presidential candidates persist in ignoring their advent. How long can they continue to defend the fossil-fuel industries in their states? The silence on the subject resounds ever more loudly as they talk around it. The presidential candidates have degenerated to personal attacks on each other or else on the hot topic of terrorism.

I was bemused to learn last year that Larry Ellison of Oracle had purchased beachfront property in Southern California in the millions of dollars, and almost the entire island of Lanai. This man truly believes in the official Republican denial of what is happening to our atmosphere.

The downpour continues, and my big cat Loaner begs to go outside to the sheltered porch to enjoy it. Her sister Pinky did the same and stayed out for hours.The little guy, Bijou, wants no part of it, preferring to gallop up and down the house to burn off his high energies. Things could be worse in this household, at least.


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