The Humane Society of it

“Pets/Pet Care” does not fit my topic but at least it is about animals.

Do you remember when television programs in the 60’s began covering animal wildlife? America’s education began at that point. We learned compassion as well and recognized the therapeutic qualities of relationships with our pets. Now some of us have begun calling them our “animal companions” and ourselves “guardians”, while on the other end of the spectrum there are still puppy mills and Tennessee show horses having their hooves “sored”, or painfully damaged to make the horses go high-stepping in the ring. And this: the majority of states permit the slaughter of dogs and cats for food.

The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, one of dozens of other animal welfare organizations including the SPCA and ASPCA and Defenders of Wildlife, is headed by Wayne Pacelle, whom I met last year when invited to the SPCA in San Francisco. He began working for Cleveland Amory in his teens and became a vegetarian shortly after.

Cleveland Amory was one of the first animal conservationists in the 60’s. He once purchased a secondhand tramp steamer, reinforced its hull with concrete blocks and sailed it into the Arctic to rescue seal pups from slaughter. He founded the Fund for Animals and sanctuaries in Texas and California and perhaps other states.

China and other Asian nations remain indifferent to cruel treatment of animals. Their TV programs do not bother with wildlife or domestic animals. Why do that when in Vietnam they gift puppies as food? Vietnamese, Thai and Korean people slaughter their dogs and cats in a brutal manner. That is their culture, and I doubt it will change.

Will Chinese billionaires continue to buy ivory trinkets regardless of world opinion, keeping alive the poachers’ market? Will Chinese continue farming bears for their bile? They have believed for centuries that bear bile as well as rhino horn have medicinal properties, and now they are farming tigers to extract “medicinal” substances from their bones.

The list goes on, and the cry to heaven is deafening.


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