Writing market Polychrome Ink

Polychrome Ink has so much individual personality they have to be the one, the only such writing market extant. I was noodling around for someplace to submit “Tin Cans”, a horror story that has gotten considerable attention and publication elsewhere (and that is another factor — selling reprints), and came up with PI.

Polychrome Ink/Dark Markets will look at these categories of human distress:

Abuse: Physical
Abuse: Emotional
Abuse: Sexual
Abuse: Animal
Self-Harm: General
Self-Harm: Cutting
Self-Harm: Eating Disorder
Violence: General
Violence: Gore
Violence: Descriptive Hate Crime
Violence: Mutilation

Any story containing the above topics must have a heading before any other word on the submission as trigger warnings. The submitter should then select an editor suitable to read said story.

They define diversity as the following as platforms for the “under-represented”:


You might need to look up their meanings. I did.

Polychrome Ink’s motto is: “We hope to normalize diversity.”

They publish bi-annually.

Wonder how my “Tin Cans” will make out there?


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