Comments on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I went to view it mainly to reacquaint myself with Mark Hamill, whom I had last seen in a play on Broadway on one of Renato’s and my redeye flights up from Rio de Janeiro. Hamill’s star soared high in that one film, and then I no longer saw him anywhere else, though his film and TV credits are extensive.

I had a job in the headmaster’s office at the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro at the time Hamill’s uncle, Eugene Johnson, was elementary school principal. Gene was proud of his nephew and thought it would be a treat for us all at the school to have him come down for a visit. “Star Wars” had been a hit in Brazil and people went around saying “May the Force be with you” in Portuguese as well as English.

A Hamill did come, but it was his older brother, whose name I cannot remember, only that he was personable and should have been in the movies himself. Gene went on to retirement in San Diego, but his nephew Mark continues in film, the next to be another Star Wars in 2017.

The photo above, by the way, shows a scene from Rio’s American The Little Theatre’s production “Kiss Me Kate.” I am at left in the mustard-colored gown and tall headdress. My sister in San Francisco sent down the eyelashes.


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