“In GOP We Trust”

A typo like that can really get you thinking. You know who I would consider a reasonable GOP president candidate if there had to be one? John Kasich, in completing his term as governor of Ohio, has been expressing opinions that make him out to be a reasonable human being who refuses to insult the other candidates and Even addresses some of the issues facing the United States.

He avoids joining the chorus of criticism infecting the array of candidates and instead of trailing as far back as he currently does, should at least be up there with the top two, Trump and Cruz, who are making gains in Iowa with their acidic rhetoric. Kasich did not launch into a tirade about the Administration’s failure to exchange prisoners with Iran one for one (as if it were a matchup of weights and measures), he does not fling words, overused for lack of a higher level of vocabulary, such as “Disgusting!” “Stupid!” “Disgraceful!”

You voters in Iowa who worship The Donald because he is saying things you wish you could say about low wages and loss of jobs and other situations of unfairness, think of President Trump conducting diplomatic negotiations with such words. He has declared bankruptcy five times and put tens of thousands of people out of work each time, his style of doing business. Beware what species of candidate you wish for.


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