The kitty wool pom pom factor

After a trek to the third pet supply shop I found it — there it was! — one lone packet of wool pom pom balls. Only four in the packet which I figured might last all of two days. They are Bijou’s very favorite toy and have a visible life span of an hour or two before disappearing. Sometimes a pom pom can seem to disappear the instant I toss it to him. My job is to sweep under the furniture with a long dowel, something I used to do when Pinky lost her pink catnip fish day after day.

Often the toy appeared gone for good. Bijou is almost six months old and I calculated that I would need to resupply him with 600 pom pom balls until he grew up and became interested in, say, sleeping 18 hours a day. Yesterday I opened the coat closet and naturally he went inside, rooted around, and emerged with a pom pom in his mouth. How did it get inside in the first place? I have no idea.

The cold fact that these, Bijou’s delights, were discontinued, sent me to the Internet. And there they were, a supplier of a myriad selection of sizes and colors intended as decoration for curtains and tablecloths, made in Turkey at a price affordable as long as they were purchased a dozen at a time. I did not want to figure the total cost of 600 poms poms.

They are being shipped from Texas, lovely yellow and mustard and orange ones.
I await the package as eagerly as any gift from Santa.


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