Trump sons big-game hunting

I draw from the Net site Sideshow these excerpts:

PETA comments:
“Like all animals, elephants, buffalo, and crocodiles deserve better than to be killed and hacked apart for two young millionaires’ grisly photo opportunity. If the young Trumps are looking for a thrill, perhaps they should consider skydiving, bungee jumping, or even following in their anti-hunting father’s footsteps and taking down competing businesses—not wild animals. If the Trumps want to help villagers, they have plenty of resources at their disposal.”

Donald Trump Sr. defends his sins, Donald Jr. and Eric, saying they love to hunt and are good at it, although he himself is surprised they like hunting. Trump Sr. said he is against the sport.

To continue from Sideshow:

“In one of the more controversial photos, Donald Jr. is seen grinning broadly while holding the severed tail of an elephant in his hands.”

In the interest of accuracy he does not seem to be “grinning broadly” in the photo. The son then explains they have been taught by their grandfather not to waste, and that they donated the meat to the villagers.

Their take that year in 2011 were: a crocodile (reported to be pictured elsewhere hanging on a noose), a kudu, a civet cat, a leopard, and a waterbuck.

So, they donated the meat of the crocodile, civet cat and the leopard to the villagers? Presumably feline and crocodile meat is good to eat.

Elephants, with their socialized family structure and ability to grieve, deserve better from human beings who have no valid reason to kill them. That image of Donald Jr. holding the severed elephant tail continues to haunt me.stasi2n-3-web.jpgUnknown.jpegUnknown.jpegstasi2n-3-web.jpg


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