The Humane Society of the United States

Something big for animals is coming on March 31st. Visit humane The magazine All Animals produced by the HSUS this month is replete with reports on what is happening on the animal advocacy front and you know what? I am particularly touched by the scheduled retirement of elephants from Ringling Circus. Imagine if your cat or dog were prodded by hooks to obey and perform. Animals as sentient, as intelligent as elephants are also being hunted to extinction for the benefit of the ivory market in Asia. Rhinos and tigers are also getting poached at an unsustainable rate. The Chinese for centuries have believed in the notion that rhino horns and tiger bones, as well as bear bile, have medicinal properties. I grew up in China. I know that personally. My Chinese mother knew.

I also receive the Humane Scorecard, a report for the 114th Congress on any progress attained on righting wrongs done to animals and, tellingly, which Democratic and Republican voted or not. Guess which. I wouldn’t say the silence on the GOP side is deafening, but it comes close.


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