Comparing us to Europe

Here we sit, a vast continent a far distance by sea and air from the turmoil in the Mideast. Daily we view the wracking pictures and stories of refugees storming the borders and shores of Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Italy, the latter a country struggling with recession.

If Russia, through its bombing of Syria, should find human fallout entering its backdoor, would it cease its support of Syria’s President Assad? Under present conditions no refugee no matter how stricken wants to go to Russia, which would no doubt forthwith truck the unfortunate right back to Syria as an opponent of their ally, the Syrian government.

The shoals of human wreckage in those countries form a heartrending wail to heaven and an echoing misery in their host governments. The United States has its own struggles overseas and there is a general malaise amongst those citizens who are angry about the inequality of income and government failures.

Tr          is future diplomatic opposites? By declaring bankruptcy, which he has done five times in his business history and causing tens of thousands of job losses, in order to start over? By confronting our military heads in his inimitable style and being in turn confounded? The president of Mexico has remarked that Trump reminds him of Mussolini. The UK government has expressed its distaste for him. Russia’s Putin says he likes him, prompting a loving response from Trump. I think this is Putin’s private joke, or else he looks forward to a chaotic reign under President Trump.

With a political system able to host a Trump in our midst, are we so badly off, then, as Europe?


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