The Publishers Clearing House item

Like millions of other people, I receive mailings from Publishing Clearing House. Once in a great while I have ordered something, light bulbs, once some sugar-free macaroons. And of course have never won anything in their perennial prize offerings.

Yesterday I saw an item in their current mailing that I simply had to do something about, the “Colorful Glass Bee & Wasp Trap — They fly in but won’t fly out!” (That’s another thing about PCH, their ad copies must have used up the universe’s supply of exclamation marks a million times over).

Here we are in an America beleaguered by frightening die-offs of bees owing to a virus as well as applications of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, with alarms ringing out across the land over impending subsequent disaster to our crops, and good ol’ PCH is flogging bee and wasp traps. Even wasps have their uses in crop pollination.

What next from PCH, a monarch butterfly trap?


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