The Tonight Show

I have taken to taping The Tonight Show and then next evening at about 7 p.m. watching the the opening segment when Jimmy Fallon takes the stage. His commentary on a variety of topics — mostly political — cracks me up.

Naturally, his take on The Donald has to be wicked and showed clips of him in the various frozen facial attitudes which we have all become familiar with; with these Fallon provides shrill noises. He mentioned Ted Cruz sneering about Marco Rubio wearing high-heeled boots, then showed Rubio in a clip when, presumably, not wearing his high heels. We see only the top of his head.

Then Fallon brings up Trump’s best friend, Russia’s President Putin. Referring to a news report that Russia has developed a cure for Ebola after testing the drug on rats, Fallon says a reporter asked Putin, “Rats. Really?” Putin replies, “Well, we consider them rats.”

I look forward to the next taping.


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