The furor over Cuba

You hear cries from Cuban Americans whose hard-won asylum in the United States seems to grant them unique say in how we should treat Cuba. The fact that they are able to speak out at all is telling in itself.

The son of Cuban immigrants Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is particularly vocal about President Obama’s “betrayal” of our decades-old stance against Cuba as Pariah. Those protests conveniently gloss over the western world’s admission of Communist China and Communist Vietnam into our orbit of trade. Yes, it isn’t a love affair with those countries, but could we continue blanking out a massive area such as China and still maneuver around them?

Nominally communist but in a supremely laughable turnabout, China and Vietnam are sending their kids to school in the United States to learn capitalism and bring it back to their countries. Meanwhile, within their borders, the educated parts of the populace are giving evidence of growing unrest.

What better way to undermine the communist manifesto than to give citizens a chance to acquire capitalist ways? As of this writing, China has more billionaires than the United States. The usual graft is well and thriving in government agencies. Rotting from the inside, shall we say?

The Cuban-Americans’ cry of outrage at human rights violations in their country of origin is comical because they choose to ignore the truly stupendous atrocities committed against human beings in China and Vietnam, not to speak of Cambodia with its infamous field of skulls. And yet they are our trade partners!

I myself am a refugee from Communist China and I understand why it is vital to maintain touch in hopes of changing their landscapes to a more reasonable version of a civilized society. Continuing to shut them out is not clever. Offered a taste of a better life through work and trade, the regimes will collapse the same way that the Soviet Union has, not that Russia has become a friendly and stable world partner. Perhaps that is because President Putin is a holdover from the old KGB days and operates like a dictator. But his days will run down; he is mortal, like any dictator the world has ever seen.

So, Cuban-Americans, open up your minds and stop your blathering!


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