A muratore for vegetarians, or not

Muratore means “bricklayer” and according to Renato Italian bricklayers built themselves some hearty sandwiches to take to work. This sandwich Renato called a muratore, and it can be a satisfying mouthful, perhaps best not eaten at a polite dinner table.

Take a half-dozen bell peppers, green yellow or red, cut into pieces, add tomatoes if you like, and fry in olive oil until well done. Add salt. This will make two sourdough sandwiches. Not just any kind of bread will do. Real sourdough makes an authentic muratore. Hollow out the roll slightly and stuff with the peppers.

I once made such a sandwich for my lunch at work at the American School of Rio de Janeiro and took it out with a flourish in the cafeteria. I realized, after I had taken a few bites, that about 10 pairs of eyes were fixed in my direction. “What?” I said. “Don’t you wish you had one of these?” I don’t quite recall what anyone said in reply but there was, for sure, laughter. I will bet they tried it out for themselves at home, though.


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