The Humane Society and the animals

I have felt a connection with the Humane Society of the United States and its affiliates HSEducation and HSLegislativeFund for ten years, when I first found them –or they found me. Who cannot care for what they do, crusading against dogfighting, freeing whales from captivity, and now seeing Ringling pledge to end its traveling elephant acts?

Designers Armani and Hugo Boss have ceased using animal fur in their clothing. Fighting to stop the tight caging of hens may not be glamorous, but as a result many stores have stopped buying eggs from caged hens.

HSUS has succeeded in strengthening legal penalties against animal cruelty in the United States. I wish, how I wish, such legal consequences encompassed other lands, especially Southeast Asia. I see these pictures of dogs and cats at markets in conditions that nauseate me.

The little I do is just that, so little. So what have I done? I am about 95% vegetarian now. The remainder is mostly chicken, sometimes bacon in a BLT sandwich (don’t mention how pigs are treated!).  A couple of years ago I pledged to avoid roast duck, the only meat dish that still entices me but then I read of the manner in which ducks are slaughtered to supply Chinese restaurants. Such a hopeless, meaningless gesture affecting no one but myself.


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