Stirrings in China on wildlife

Last year I met and made friends with a young Chinese woman who was about to graduate from UCBerkeley. Like all the youth from China who come here to study, her choice of major was one intended to further her own career or to be put to use by the communist government. They certainly don’t come here for a liberal arts degree.

She returned to China and we continued to correspond. I must have impressed her with my concerns for wildlife endangered by fierce poaching, for she recently emailed to inform me that their English-language newspaper, China Daily, carries ads by WILDAID and the American Wildlife Foundation urging against buying ivory.

She then did some online research and learned that Chinese celebrities (film actors) are mounting a campaign against the purchase of rhino horn.

Well, it’s a start.

The Trump sons shown here, having paid large sums of money for the deed, did not of course poach their leopard kill, but does that make their act any the less hideous?


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