Scottish Saga TV Series “Outlander”

I had read all seven hefty volumes heroically written by Diana Gabaldon of time traveling Claire Randall, an Englishwoman who accidentally passes through the standing stones in 1945 to wake up in 1742, or was it 1741? There she is, bewildered and lost, surrounded by Scotsmen racing past her on horseback.

The Scotsman who collects her and takes her back to his uncle’s castle is the new man in her life. Even though she already had a husband back (or forward?) in l945, readers no doubt heartily approve of her romance with Jamie Fraser. I know I didn’t mind.

Scotland is caught up in Jacobite schemes to bring King James back to the English throne, and Claire knows that Scotland is bound to lose the deciding battle with England on this quest, once and for all. So many of the clan chiefs will be lost ensuing in a massive wave of migration of their ragged remains to America. Having convinced Jamie that the battle of Culloden Field must be avoided, the two of them (passionately in love and married by then) try to wrench written history off course. To do this, they go to France, where Prince Charles is working to raise funds for the fight.

Added to this there is a British officer named Jack Randall who is a doppelgänger of her 1945 husband Frank. Jack is a vile man, unholy, depraved, a monster of a human being who meddles with Jamie and Claire. He is obviously the ancestor of Claire’s first husband Frank.

All very well, and a marvelous TV film production which is more than deserving of the big screen and several Oscars. We see the court of Louis XV in all its splendor, costumes, scenery, interiors, everything, notably the king at stool while courtiers and guests are treated to his mighty straining. His official mistress’ opulent gown which leaves her breasts bare, said mammary glands sporting jewels dangling from their tips. There is scheming and gossiping and a clandestine duel while Claire and Jamie seek to avert the course of history.

The weekly installments run on Saturdays at 6 p.m. for one hour, and I must wait impatiently for that time each week. What’s today? Only Wednesday!


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