Hillary Clinton on animal rights

According to the Humane Society Legislative Fund, here is how they stack up:

Hillary Clinton ranks at the top as a consistent supporter of animal rights. As Senator she co-sponsored legislation on horse slaughter and animal fighting and to crack down on puppy mills. As Secretary of State, she led international efforts to combat wildlife trafficking.

Bernie Sanders ranks lower but is still an advocate, scoring an average of 90 in consecutive Congressional actions.

Donald Trump has defended his sons’ trophy hunting of African wildlife, including giraffes, buffaloes and lions. He has also lamented the decision by Ringling Bros. to phase out its performing elephants.

Ted Cruz (who dropped out) has been consistently at odds with animal protection sensibilities. He received a score of 12 in the 113th Congress and a zero in the first session of the 114th Congress and is not co-sponsoring any current animal protection legislation.

John Kasich (who also dropped out) has been active in protecting wildlife. He has set a moratorium on the sale of exotic animals. He has signed bills upgrading the state laws on animal cruelty and puppy mills and legislation allowing pets to be included in domestic violence protective orders.

So what do you think?


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