Glen Campbell’s life in “I’ll Be Me”

Watching the unwinding of his life, I realized I had not appreciated enough his marvelous voice and talent. He had a TV show while I was living in Brazil, and I missed much by not being able to see it.

The progression of Alzeimher’s in this gracious man is depicted unflinchingly and at first I wondered why his family would expose him to such public view, and then I understood there was a poignance in sharing him with his multitude of admirers, giving them this last chance to see and enjoy him. And he still delivered magnificently on stage despite some faltering. The music is embedded in the man as it is in his guitar-plucking fingers.

His wife mostly recounts the documentary and she too maintains the honest tone of Glen’s story. His sons and daughter play in the band and there is an exhilarating riff of the two of them in a guitar/banjo duel.

Show biz as displayed here was a true treat.


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