On the Yulin dog-eating festival

The hideous practice of eating dogs in Yulin, China, is still ongoing, but there is an increasing number of activists who will go again to the city to protest and rescue dogs. The Humane Society reports that about 300 dogs are killed each day in Yulin to supply the restaurants there, and during the festival, that number jumps.

Other Chinese are becoming aware, and because of outrage expressed by outsiders, several slaughterhouses have been closed. Humane Society Internal consultant Peter Li says “Every year it becomes smaller. And it is going to die–maybe in five years, maybe 10 years.”Vietnam

That isn’t soon enough for us who care. There is still Vietnam and Korea, where dogs are farmed for consumption. The HSI has given seed money to farmers in Korea to grow peppers and blueberries. All of these efforts will take time to abolish the culture of eating cats and dogs. The delay is unconscionable, and I ask this, that the social media can do a great deal to spread the word. Will you do this?


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